Patents and Business Essentials for High-Growth Startups and Technology Companies

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For high-growth startups and technology companies, a well-developed IP strategy can help protect innovations, block competitors, and maintain a company’s advantage in the global marketplace.  A valuable patent portfolio can also foster collaborations and attract funding and investments. Growing startups and technology companies also need to be mindful of other legal and business issues.  This includes managing employee/contractor agreements, safeguarding trade secrets, and clearing products of third-party IP rights.


The internationalization of Central and Eastern European talent and computer-software solutions: facts & success stories
The importance of an IP strategy for the US, European markets and investors

What are the benefits of patenting?

Protects innovations; boosts valuation; blocks competitors; facilitates collaborations; attracts investment; provides a defensive toolkit

What to patent?

Innovative and key features driving sales; blocking features and competing alternatives; readily detectable product features
Examples for the artificial intelligence/machine learning, software, and other industries

How to manage IP rights and patent portfolios?

  • Understand how patent ownership works; employee vs. contractor inventions; clearing products and ensuring freedom to operate

What other issues need to be addressed?

  • Securing financing; how IP assets are reflected in financing mechanisms and models

SLV’s attorney’s Alexandru Stanescu and Tudor Velea will join a panel discussion on venture capital, patent and business essentials for startup and technology companies.  For more information, or to register, please click here.

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